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In , the teenager told detectives that her father and Patti Bailey had plotted the murder. He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. He died in March, Cinnamon Brown served eight years before she was released. In , he was convicted of six counts or rape, six counts of first-degree murder and one count first-degree attempted murder. He was sentenced to death, and remains on Death Row. Hikers found her body off the Ortega Highway in the hills overlooking Lake Elsinore. President George W. Randy Kraft, Orange County's most prolific serial killer, raped, tortured and killed as many as 65 young men.

He was caught when he was pulled over and an officer found a dead Marine in the passenger seat. A year after the TV show, Alcala murdered a fourth woman, in Burbank, then cruised Huntington Beach, looking for a younger victim. He found her in a year-old blond dancer, pedaling her bicycle to ballet class.

Alcala pulled out his camera and went to work.

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As part of a double-murder plot Daniel Wozniak in May , beheaded a man and tossed the severed head in a public park. It was all part of an elaborate murder plot that the leading man scripted for himself — to pay for his upcoming wedding. In December, a jury convicted Wozniak of two murders and recommended the death penalty.

He awaits sentencing in March. Denise Huber disappeared in after her car was disabled on the Arizona sheriff's deputies found her body in a freezer belonging to former Lake Forest house painter John Famalaro in He'd taken a few rides, and was back for one last sea trial to Catalina. In , Skylar Deleon and helper John F. Kennedy were sentenced to death. Cal State Fullerton janitor Edward Charles Allaway carried a caliber semiautomatic rifle into the campus library basement and methodically walked room to room, firing indiscriminately at colleagues starting their work day.

At the time, it was the bloodiest rampage in Orange County history. A Mission Viejo woman awoke to the sound of gun shots in her bedroom on the night of Aug.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

In , Ramirez was sentenced to death for killing 13 people. In October , Scott Dekraai, embittered from a custody battle, decided to kill his ex-wife. He entered Salon Meritage, in Seal Beach and committed the deadliest mass shooting in Orange County history which killed eight people. Dekraai pleaded guilty to the murders. He remains in jail awaiting the penalty phase of his trial. Omaima Nelson, 24, thought she'd found the man of her dreams in William Nelson, 56, a former Marine pilot.

But four weeks after their union, Omaima bludgeoned her new husband to death with a clothes iron and boiled his head at their Costa Mesa apartment. In , she was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 28 years to life in prison. He raped, tortured and killed as many as 65 young men and only was caught when a patrolman pulled him over on I-5 — and found a dead Marine in the passenger seat. What : Shortly before 7 a.

The year-old with a history of mental illness methodically walked room to room, firing indiscriminately at colleagues starting their workday. It was over in five minutes. He shot nine people, reloading as he went, and killed seven. Two victims staggered outside before they fell dead. The rest lay scattered on the basement floor.

Allaway then drove to a nearby Hilton Inn Hotel where his estranged wife worked. He called police and surrendered. The former Sunday school teacher claimed that delusions sparked the attack. A judge later found Allaway not guilty by reason of insanity and he remains in a state mental hospital. Through the years, he has petitioned to go free, claiming he is cured and no longer dangerous. Each time, prosecutors successfully argued to keep Allaway locked up.

What : Bonin raped, tortured and murdered 21 boys along Southern California freeways over a month period. Most were hitchhikers whom he lured into his green van and strangled. His youngest victim was Jimmy Macabe, 12, of Garden Grove, who was abducted while waiting for a bus to Disneyland. One of the oldest victims was grocery clerk Darin Lee Kendrick, 19, of Stanton, who was abducted while gathering shopping carts in the supermarket parking lot. Bonin, a truck driver from Downey, raped his victims, then dumped their bodies along the road. For this, he was nicknamed the Freeway Killer.

It got easier with each one we did. On Feb. The long-haired former photographer used his camera to approach women, witnesses later would testify, and once he gained their trust, he raped, beat and strangled them. I moved to New York and began writing freelance articles for magazines.

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When an assignment took me back to New Mexico, I decided to stay. Over the next two years, I fell into a close relationship with an older man. Each time I returned from a reporting trip, he would scoop me up from the airport, dropping my bags at the house I was renting and driving us to dinner.

We traveled together, visiting friends in the mountains and taking vacations overseas. We stayed up late, cooking elaborate meals and watching Iranian films. We joked that our relationship was a septuagenarian marriage, but we knew that for each of us it was a placeholder for someone yet to come. By the time I reconnected with the woman from high school, I had come to a maddeningly simple conclusion.

I believed that the conventions of male identity were toxic but ultimately toothless. A man was free to be as he was. He defined the terms of masculinity for himself. He could love other men and welcome intimate relationships in whatever form they came. Finding a more fluid gender identity was as simple as choosing to. This is what I believed. The rage in my cousin disappeared for an instant. I was flitting in and out of consciousness, and everything was warped. What I remember is a sudden shift in his expression from fury to confusion.

His eyes grew wide.

His right hand loosened at my neck, but his left hand kept its grip. He seemed to be trapped between two instincts and struggling to choose one. He pressed his right forearm into my neck for a moment, then let go again and took a step back. Without his grip to hold me up, I could barely stay on my feet. He watched me teetering in silence.

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I wondered if he would let me go. Then the real beating began. How can I describe the way he brutalized me then? I have spent the past three years trying not to let it haunt me. It seemed as if he wanted to punish me for his own moment of uncertainty. He lunged forward, grabbing my shirt with both hands, and flung me to the side like a rag doll. My body smacked against the wall, and I began sliding toward the floor, but he rushed over to lift me up and hurled me against the door frame.