How to Become a Review Blogger (Freelance Mom)

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  3. How to Start a Mom Blog in (for Beginners) - Twins Mommy
  4. How to Start a Successful Mom Blog, Part 1: Getting Started

When starting out as a writer the point is to get started so you can start making money! But you have to push through your fears to get there. As a newbie freelance writer your currency will be time so be liberal with it and keep hustling. Gina is spot on with this advice! Just push past your fear and start doing the work.

Take that first step! One of the first roadblocks that can stump newbie writers is what writing niche to start with. The best place to start is leaning on past experience or knowledge you already have. One resource I recommend is to write essays for bid4papers. You absolutely must have a writing portfolio to showcase your work and close deals with prospective clients. We actually both started our writing careers by writing for big media outlets and I know several other freelancers who have had success with this as well.

I shoot for posting monthly. Check out this case study on how to become a Huffington Post blogger. It will help motivate you to learn, grow, and increase your prices. Since the beginning, Gina has tracked all of her income and expenses so she stays accountable to herself and continues hustling to make a full-time income to support her family. Not all mentor relationships require you to spend money to glean from their experiences.

Sometimes their blog will be full of ideas, tips and tricks for you to learn from for free. On the flip side, a simple product will outline their methods and strategies, which can be life-changing as far as results.

Find someone whose story inspires you and find out if they offer coaching, mentoring, or products you can purchase. Working with a mentor has been huge! There are very few budget-friendly resources available for getting started as a newbie freelance writer. And you can get started right now! Thanks for sharing my story Carrie! I write about pieces per month. I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty for not working all the time, though!

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How do you usually get new clients? Or do you use other tactics? We do stuff as a family sometimes during the week though, like Weds. As far as where I get clients, I still pitch via job boards and am starting to get more referrals. I counted my pieces last month and came in at 21 articles not including the I wrote for my own blog. The way I supplement my freelance writing income is by branching out into vertical services like editing, or content management. I usually work between 9am — 4pm every day with a few evenings full of work.

Saturday afternoons are usually when I do work-related projects too, so it comes in around 35 hours a week for me. Hope both of these answers have helped! Thanks, Carrie!

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

My hours are very uneven — I usually get started around 9 am, but my ending times are all over the place. Sometimes I call it a day by noon, sometimes I work till 7 or 8pm though not often!! Always on the lookout for new marketing tactics, though! Anyway, this may be a dumb question, but does this article and your book apply to people like me? I have a toddler at home and do some freelance design and would like to add writing to my services.

Hi Beth! For sure it does. Hope that helps! Great question, Beth! So her lessons provide tips for not just aspiring writers, but moms and busy individuals who are trying to balance everything. I think it would be really helpful for getting started with freelance design and writing services! My limiting factor right now is time as I already work a FT job and another PT job in addition to my freelancing.

Great article! I did the same last year as I juggled writing on the side of my FT job. Good luck girl!

I understand gaining exposure,but ultimately, where were your clients coming from in such a short period of time? Or did you respond to ads for freelance work? I sincerely appreciate your insight. This is a great question, Jessica. Basically I focused on building my own network through free work, that I parlayed into my first paid writing gigs. Then I asked those clients for recommendations or testimonials which I used to pitch future clients.

Most of it was done on a one-on-one basis so it took a lot of time in the beginning.

Freelance Writing Online Courses

Regular job boards are a good place to start, but they can be time consuming as well. I hope that helps!

Basically you start building your portfolio and then leverage it by actively pitching clients and seeking out new work. Stumbled upon this today, in my quest to get published online. What a wealth of information. Im looking forward to the course, after the kids are back in school. Loved this article. If you happen to know anyone looking for a writer who is insightful and specialized in supporting women through tough decisions in life keep me in mind. Best of luck moving forward and again, thank you! Elna, you are such a blessing.

Your blog is my go-to website whenever I am stuck. You are so good with words.

How to Start a Mom Blog in (for Beginners) - Twins Mommy

I love your writings, keep up the good work. Hey Elna, I love reading your works! After preparing those first few samples for a portfolio, what steps would you recommend following up with? Looking forward to reading more of your work, Kathy.

How to Start a Successful Mom Blog, Part 1: Getting Started

Hello Elna! Thank you so much for this resource.

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I hope to become a writer like you someday. Elna, thanks so much for all this info! Happy to hear you want to start some online writing and get paid for it. My complements on your refreshingly authentic, comprehensive, personable resource. Since retiring I made several inquiries about freelancing without success. If I do proceed, your guide will, no doubt, be indispensable. Greetings, Elna! Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for referring my freelance writing blog to your sister! I hope this helps her find a path into freelancing! Hi Elna Thanks for your tips. I am just starting out in my writing journey. I want to transition into writing from home and your tips on freelance writing are a great place to start.

Blogs That Will Pay for Your Tips and Stories

Looking forward to exploring your ideas further. So happy you want to work from home as a freelance writer! It really is the greatest job! Dear Elna, Great post!! So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I will look closely at all the advice you give and give this writing thing one more try!! I got a felling this is it!