Münchener Satiren (German Edition)

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  1. Hebrew and Yiddish
  2. Birgit Lang, Joy Damousi, and Alison Lewis
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  4. Busch Bilderbogen, First Edition

However, it is seldom as dark as Russian Humor , which can veer straight into Black Comedy. Britons may even be surprised to hear that German especially Northern German humor is actually very similar to their own — a bizarre combination of dry wit and slapstick. The " No Sense Of Humour " stereotype appears to originate in a combination of the Prussian reputation for efficiency and a perceived lack of the habit more or less unique to Britain, although the Irish, Australians, and New Zealanders have picked it up in whole or in part of using humour as a "default mode" for dealing with the world in general.

Part of the reason for the image of Germans as humorless is that there are comparatively few comedies in German dramatic writing; however, this impression is in no small part due to the fact that German critics and literary scholars tend to put a bigger premium on "serious" writing, and thus very few stage comedies are described as "classic". However, there are quite a few comedies written in dialect , comic operas and operettas. Also, as Robert Gernhardt, a great writer of comic poems, has pointed out, Germany has a great tradition in the short form, with an unbroken line of highly original comic poets spanning back at least to the beginning of the 18th century, something no other national literature other than the British can boast of.

Germany has a strong tradition of satirical cabaret shows dating back to the 19th century, with some cabaretists becoming nationally famous. This satirical fixation somewhat mirrors a perceived whinyness in the German nature generally. However, the nature of the medium means it doesn't travel well. Community Showcase More.

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Hebrew and Yiddish

Get Known if you don't have an account. There's a certain efficiency about it. It is very amusing! Before he was valking in the straight line, zen he walked into ze door!

Birgit Lang, Joy Damousi, and Alison Lewis

Zis is genius! Bean , QI. East-Germany jokes. Place a banana on the Berlin Wall. East is where a bite has been taken out of it.

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Yeah, bananas were scarce. We have bananas! We have socialism. We'll have that too, soon. How do you double the value of a Trabant? Fill up the tank! And how do you triple it? Buy a fuel cap! The Czechoslovak Skoda cars were subject to similar jokes, but unlike Trabant, Skoda didn't fold and now makes decent cars—as a subsidiary of the formerly West German Volkswagen And how do you quintuple its value? Place a banana on the back seat. What did East Germany do with all its surplus Trabants after the Wall fell?

Les censures dans le monde

They became East German toilet paper! Trabants had a lot of cheap material in their bodies, including, sometimes, a material known as duroplast made up of papers and plastics, usually incorrectly reported as cardboard.

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There was also an untranslatable one based on the German word for "dual-circuit brakes" containing the word for "county" Kreis , literally "circle", also meaning "circuit" ; "Have you heard that the new Trabants have dual-circuit brakes Zweikreisbremse? The old ones took three or four counties Kreise to stop! What does stand for? Or for the model, " cars on the lot and one customer". How many workers does it take to assemble a Trabant? One folds, one glues. Why is the Trabant the quietest car in the world?

Barack Obama in Berlin - Satire (GERMAN)

Because it's so small you have to squeeze your knees on your ears while driving. An Arab Oil Sheikh hears that there's a German car you have to wait twelve years for. Yes, it's the very Trabant, and yes, people really had to wait years to get one. He thinks that it must be a very great car and orders one. The East Germans think that it can't hurt to be friendly to a rich sheikh and send him one Trabant immediately.

Soon after, the sheikh tells a friend: "These Germans were very nice - they sent me a cardboard model of the car, and guess what? You can even drive it! Because the robbers would have had to wait for a getaway car for twelve years. What's the difference between a Trabant and a coffin? You order the coffin after the death of a person and the Trabant after their birth. In The Berlin Republic. A professor from western Germany is teaching at a university in eastern Germany. Outside, it starts raining, and some students want to go out. Professor: "You don't have to be afraid for your cars, they won't swim away - cardboard doesn't float!

Also a Real Life example: The Trabi for once had the last laugh, when a couple of German motoring journalists took it through the notorious 'moose test' - where a car is swerved very sharply to avoid an obstacle - and passed with flying colours. Even funnier still? The Mercedes A-Class, with among the world's best engineering - didn't. Policeman: "Aren't you the guy who stole a Trabbi this morning?

Seller Rating:. Alle in gutem Zustand. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. Auflage; Exemplar in ganz guter Erhaltung Ecken und Kanten z.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Condition: Very Good. First Edition. Beautifully illustrated German comics and cartoons. Gail Honeyman.

Busch Bilderbogen, First Edition

Harper Lee. Heather Morris.

George Orwell. Erin Morgenstern. Elizabeth Strout. Richard Powers.