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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 08, Mahoghani 23 rated it liked it Shelves: books-read-in , african-american-authors , romance , drama. You never know what's going to happen when you do something that's wrong. The issue is one of them dies and the other is left holding the guilt for both of them. To make matters worse, it's Paula, Felise's best friends husband! This book focuses on infidelity, trying to keep a secret, blackmailing, the people affected and the outcome. The story was told from two points of views with supportin Wow The story was told from two points of views with supporting characters to provide substance.

My mother always stated, "What you do in the dark will always come to light. Felise was trying to bring romance back into her marriage but her workaholic and OCD husband Greg, was neglecting his wife and the nucleus of this matter was him forgetting their anniversary. What woman wouldn't be fed up being overlooked? The death leaves a hole too big to cover up and its affecting both families.

Then a slime of a "friend" worms her way in to blackmail the surviving adulterer and the story starts to unfold. This book was intoxicatingly believable. The storyline was put together to intrigue the reader and keep them wanting to read more.

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View 1 comment. Jun 18, Maya Hollinshead rated it it was amazing. ReShonda has outdone herself with this book! Felise is helping her friend Paula and her family during a difficult time. Paula's husband, Steven, died suddenly in a Houston hotel room. What Paula doesn't know that Felise is keeping a major secret: Felise was in the hotel room with Steven and slept with him right before his death! This book about secrets, friends and forgiveness was great!

What's Done in the Dark

I couldn't put it down and the book kept my interested until the last word! I enjoyed it so much that I contacted ReShonda on Twitter to let her know how much l loved the book. In a year where I've read a few duds this year, it was great to read a book that I truly enjoyed! Bravo ReShonda! This was soooo good!

What’s Done in the Dark - DC Theatre Scene

A complex story with many emotions. Paula and Greg knew in their gut about Steven and Felise. They both chose to ignore it. May 13, Morgan Schell rated it really liked it.

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My one complaint- Felise's last name is Mavins. Her sister's name is Mavis. That irked me the entire time reading this story. Out of the bazillions of first and last names to pick from, ones more than only 1 letter different couldn't be chosen?! Otherwise, this is a book with a few unexpected twists. Sep 21, Cheryl James rated it liked it. This was a good story line among best friends. But the story went on forever and ever. I felt like the author was dragging on just to complete the book.

I look forward to reading other books from this author. Jun 18, Victoria rated it it was amazing.

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Well this was a very good read. A subject that is still on my overcome list. It is well written and the story is an everyday possibility. You will not be disappointed.

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View all 5 comments. Apr 30, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio.

Loved it! Don't want to give anything away but the story was heartfelt and kept me engaged.


Such a sad and unfortunate situation.. That Sabrina and Greg.. Appropriate title, kept me thinking.

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I'll definitely recommend this book, great read. May 07, Shameka rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , african-american-fiction. The writing was good and it was paced pretty well. My interest was definitely held throughout. My issue with this book had more to do with a strong dislike of certain characters and some disagreement with the "moral" message that was pushed. The story is centered around Felise and Paula who are supposed to be best friends. Felise is very close to Paula's husband, Steven. In fact they used to be in love with each other but foolishly decided that they would j 3.

In fact they used to be in love with each other but foolishly decided that they would just remain friends. Both Felise and Steven are dealing with problems in their own marriages and they find themselves in bed with each other expressing the love they both denied for a long time in hopes that it would fill the voids they were both experiencing. Now adultery is wrong, no matter how you slice it. If one is unhappy in a relationship he or she should end it before stepping out on their partner.

That being said people are people and we are all incredibly flawed. Not a single person will make it through life without making some major mistakes.

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  4. This leads me to one of my big issues. While what Felise did was wrong, the public shaming and humiliation was too much.


    Yes she made a mistake but it did not diminish her value as a person. The fact that Greg took things to the level he did and Felise still begged him to make the marriage work really bothered me. I wanted to reach out and tell her you don't deserve this, I don't care what you did. And Paula-whining, spoiled brat Paula.

    She is one of the most self-centered characters I have ever encountered. I really hate that Felise added yet another reason to the long list of Paula's excuses to continue playing the victim. Now she is the woman whose best friend slept with her husband. How will she ever trust again? Let's ignore the fact that Paula was flawed herself. She mistreated her husband, ignored her kids, and only thought about Felise when she wasn't around to hold her hand and stroke her emotions.

    Adultery is never ok but seeing the type of person she was made me feel so sorry for Steven and in the back of my mind a very tiny part of me was happy that he could spend his final hours with someone who made him feel like he mattered. I hated that by the end the author had Felise groveling to everyone as if her worth was dependent on her ability to maintain perfection. Yes, what she did was wrong. Of course she should've known that some people would not want to move on as if nothing happened, and that is ok. But to belittle herself the way she did and for the author to make it seem like it was deserving because of the mistake she made really bothered me.

    Dec 16, T. Beasley rated it it was amazing. Felise and her husband, Greg is supposed to be celebrating their anniversary but something goes wrong. The couple argues instead and Felise finds herself at a local hotel letting off steam. When you are angry you tend to do stupid things and Felise finds out first hand just what that means. Stephen finally has it when in the middle of an argument his wife threatens to divorce him. The characters were well-developed and kept me anticipating their next moves. The twists and turns in this book will have readers rushing to turn the pages.